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Who Are We

Who we Are

Grow My Crop came into existence when people who know the value of eating well came together with people equipped with agricultural knowledge and technical expertise.

Our team has farmers, nurturers, cultivators, expert organic practitioners, permaculturists, food enthusiasts, and other nature lovers who consider agriculture a connector between the rural and the urban.

Dedicated to addressing your need for a healthy life, we believe your farm is an entry towards tenable well being.

We believe that what’s on your plate affects your life and life of everyone around you. We understand your need for getting in touch with nature despite busy and overwhelming urban life and hence came up with a solution that allows you to co-produce what you eat, and in that process reconnect with agriculture.

Why We Do It?

It makes us very happy. Yes!

We are interested in bringing back the concept of seasonal vegetables, hence naturally nurtured.

We would like you to be confident in our methods. Preparing our farm to practice organic cultivation has taken us nearly two years. We have prepared our fields so that the soil of your mini-farms can absorb natural fertilizers. Equipping them with drip irrigation as a technology has been one of the main constituents of this preparation.

We acknowledge that using various kinds of chemicals or synthetics fertilizers is a common practice for increasing crop yields, aesthetic appeal, or shelf life. We are also aware that ‘’organic’’ as a term is used by many people for different reasons and allegiances, so you should know ours!

Our commitments emerge from the belief that when done right, agriculture can contribute to food and nutrition security, generate dignified incomes, and protect the environment.

Our foods also tell our stories. Farming practices of Grow My Crop is our way of not only putting vegetables on your plate but also make you their co-producers. By giving you easy access to your mini-farm as well as farm-grown vegetables, you can choose and participate in what is grown in your farm, in addition to eating your own produce.

Whom Do We Exist For?

We serve people who are vested in their personal and social health, and who are concerned about what’s on their plate. You could be : 

  • Families who are looking for hassle-free access to organic produce
  • Students concerned about your long term well being 
  • Professionals, practitioners, and corporates who care about their employees
  • Individuals seeking to sign up for sustainable agricultural practices 
  • The elderly who seek to minimize their intake of pesticide infused food
  • Anyone who wishes to switch from chemical-laden vegetables to fresh organic vegetables

Basically, anyone who wishes to sign up for vegetables, specially grown for them, in their own mini farm!

Why Can You Trust Us?

Our expert permaculturists and farmers use organic manure and practice sustainable methods of seasonal cropping to maintain the quality of vegetables. This is a process that also helps in maintaining the quality of the soil over time. Rest assured, your subscribed mini-farm is always treated with care by our reliable team.

How We Stand Apart?

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