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Farming and Lots More!

Grow My Crop takes care of your requirements such as family size or vegetable preferences when you’re choosing your mini-farm. When you choose your mini farm, we grow the seasonal vegetables for you of your choice by using natural and sustainable methods only. 

At Grow My Crop, you not only get your organically grown foods, you can also indulge in learning about farming practices, learn about the seasonal vegetables, get on-field experience of growing your own vegetable with the permaculturists and farming experts, and much more. 

From growing vegetables to experiencing the fun activities at your mini farm, we provide it all. 

Explore more about the range of activities through which Grow My Crop fosters its agricultural sensibility, by simultaneously  making the time you invest here engaging, exploratory and fun filled !

School Outing

Grow My Crop offers special services to the schools who want to let their students experience the joy of growing a crop. We believe that tactile experiences with the earth go a long way in inculcating the understanding of nature’s methods to young learners.

In an effort to explain the processes of agricultural production, many schools nowadays want their students to get first hand exposure of farming skills. Grow My Crop offers various extracurricular activities that can introduce students with the world of agriculture, hands on. Our curated walks combining demonstrations such as drip irrigation or preparation of organic fertilisers along with exercises that inculcate curiosity about the relationship plants share with natural elements – light, soil, air and water – make for engaging school outings. Now students can freely enjoy the farm, explore growing various types of crops, get education related to farming, and get a peak of the everyday rhythms of the agricultural life.

Combined with planting exercises at the nursery, we hope to leave your batch of students informed, creative and curious.


Engage in the fun farming activities with your family at the farm any time you want. Schedule your picnic at your own farm whenever you feel the need for a break. 

With your farm at Grow My Crop, you get all the peaceful time at your own convenience along with the benefit of witnessing your organic fresh food grow. 

Sit in the nursery, spend time in your mini-farm with our farmers and eat healthy food together. In case you wish to visit Grow My Crop with your friends and family, we have this and lots more planned for you.



Organize a get together with your friends and family and enjoy birthdays in the open.Give a different experience to your children and by asking us to organise their mini-farm birthdays. The little plastic items often found in goodie bags don’t hold children’s interest very long, but they do last a very long time in the landfill ! We stick with durable, reusable and recycled items whenever we can instead of single use options.

Good food, engaging activities, proximity to nature, and a lot of fulfilment for a return gift – we are happy to make Grow My Crop, your special place for special days.

Explore Our Fields

Grow My Crop is located in Village Bhalot, Rohtak (Haryana) , and  is aptly distanced from Delhi NCR. 

Visit your mini-farm and enjoy a leisurely day close to nature with yourself, your family or your friends. Witness the growth of your chosen vegetables at your mini-farm being cultivated by our expert farmers.

Explore more activities at your farm like getting your hands dirty while learning about growing vegetables by our farmers, educate yourself and your loved ones about farming practices, and much more. 

Coming to your mini-farms in Rohtak will indeed be a break from a hectic city life, apart from procuring your weekly organic produce that we hope you thoroughly enjoy!

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